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Why Damon Albarn Will Go Down As One Of The Greats


Before it’s too late and Damon somehow passes away and the massive influx of people storm his wiki page to find out more about him and proceed to replay his songs over and over again. I would like to bring attention to someone who has done it and still exists to do it as of today.

Since the list of the things he has achieved is almost over-exaggeratingly abundant for one man with two bands; Blur and Gorillaz; I will cut it down to just 7:

1)  He and his band Blur were partly responsible for creating what is now known as “Brit pop. This was due to the rise and popularity of Grunge in America. While touring the states with blur in an effort to clean up a $100,000 debt that they racked up, Damon said, “I just started to miss really simple things … I missed everything about England so I started writing songs which created an English atmosphere.” And thus after some change in their image and style, Britpop was born.

2)  He did this when he was to accept an award for best dance video for his band Gorillaz at the EMA’s, just a couple of months after the 9/11 catastrophe. Telling the world and the entire audience ” So, fuck the music listen..see this symbol? Its the campaign for nuclear disarmament. Bombing one of the poorest countries in the world is wrong. Yeah. Wrong.” Don’t let his cynical smile fool you, he meant every single word and its not the first time he has outspoken about certain atrocities and injustices.

3) They had one of the most emotional reunion performances ever at Glastonbury 2009 and Hyde Park 2012, enough to even make any inanimate object burst into tears let alone Damon Albarn himself, who was seen behind the cameras hunched over, overwhelmed with emotion at the audience that even he couldn’t fight back the tears and still managed to perform the song in an almost religious manner with Blur’s song “Tender“. You can bet there wasn’t a single dry eye at the event . With a song written so mellifluously it could put just about any 90’s power ballad to shame. Lyrically. Musically or otherwise. You could literally feel the love as the entire audience chants “Loves the greatest thing..that we have..Im waiting for that feeling. waiting for that come” along with the band

4) Both him and Jamie Hewlett came up with the idea for Gorillaz by watching MTV. “If you watch MTV for too long, it’s a bit like hell—there’s nothing of substance there. So we got this idea for a cartoon band, something that would be a comment on that,” Hewlett  said. This “comment”also got them into the Guinness Book of Records for the most successful virtual band.

5) Damon essentially gave a big fuck you to the Mercury Prize by  withdrawing their own nomination from the award ceremony. This mainly due to the Mercuries having a reputation of giving the spotlight and awards to bands musicians and artists who are already established and popular, when the Mercury Prize is supposed to be known for giving the underdog a good fighting chance at reaching out to more people and gaining credibility.

6) In 2005 he criticized Live 8 for not having enough black artists. Which was very true at the time. He had this to say: “This country is incredibly diverse. More than ever, black culture is an integral part of society, so why is the bill so damn Anglo-Saxon? If you are holding a party on behalf of people, then surely you don’t shut the door on them. In a way Live 8 does that: it doesn’t make you feel closer to Africa, it treats it like it’s a failing, ill, sick, tired place.”He then followed that statement with: “I don’t want to take part in an event that is so exclusive. Is this the most effective way to help Africa?” Shortly after the organisers added a separate concert at the Eden Project in Cornwall to the programme in order to showcase African musicians.

7) Not only has he collaborated and worked with almost all of your favorite artists and producers. This guy got De La SoulBobby WomackMos DefSnoop Dogg AND Lou -motherfucking- Reed to work with him on the same album“Plastic Beach”. If that is not incredible, I don’t know what is.