Here you’ll find music both old and new, the now and the forgotten.

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This is essentially what it would sound like if Michael Jackson was a DJ. This, is breakbot, the funkiest bassiest head-bopping tunes in this generation coming from just one DJ. He has been known to remake classic Michael Jackson songs like “Fantasy”. The beats and the construction of his songs are nostalgic of a 70’s and 80’s era funk with a clear twist of today’s EDM. He has a rap sheet that dates back to pre-2006 and even though he has been around for some time, he has still managed to somewhat stay under the radar of the mainstream world. He uses samples from 60’s 70’s and 80’s and turning them into beats that would make Soul Train turn into Woodstock. I suggest one strips themselves of all arrogance and pride to fully enjoy the music at hand. If you have not heard his tracks, I suggest  you give Breakbot a good listening to, preferably with the sun shining somewhere  and a cold brew in hand or just at a gathering with some friends and a speaker thats capable of expelling a heavy amount of bass..whilst holding a cold brew in hand. If you neither have sunshine and/or hate people, then this is best listened to behind closed doors whilst jumping and dancing like everyone is watching and you really don’t care.  Whatever your weapon of choice, just let yourself go and enjoy the feel good fun tunes.

And just for fun..This is what he actually looks like.


Also another good Mixtape of his.







 Quite possibly one of the most underrated bands of this generation. They have come a long way from being a happy-go-fun-feeling good ska band from Cali complete equipped with a trombone and sax player, to growing up developing and progressing into one of todays most lyrically and musically skilled 4 piece band. Even with the record labels they have been on and how long they have been around they still managed to stay under the radar of your vevo featured bands. Do not get it twisted, these guys are more than well deserving of having a million views a video but as with everyone’s inner “hipster” (the word has almost lost all its meaning now but still somehow fits), its kind of nice that not too many people know them and yes, it does make it special (as ridiculous as that might be to admit).

They also feature one of the most amazing drummers out there Chris Tsagakis, with extreme versatility and a beat so on point you can’t help but bop your head to the fluidity of his rhythm and make that squinted focused face while bopping your head side to side at an angle. Every member of this band is capable producing some of the best quality songs out there and some of them have. Notably, Matt Embree, the lead singer of Rx-Bandits, has put out some solo work under the band name “Love You Moon” and so has Chris Tsagakis, with a solo drum/midi one-man band under the name “Technology“. This band Rx- Bandits, deserves their spotlight, seeing as even their fans wouldn’t let them take a hiatus for more than a year. Their fans made an online pledge, pooled money together and essentially paid for Rx -Bandits to get back into the studio and produce their love for music once again. giving them a new found love and inspiration to keep on going, even when they thought the cards were stacked against them. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Here they are with the song, “Bring Our Children Home or Everything Means Nothing”, which is about what you think its about.


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