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The Perfect Turkey Wrap



First off I must say, I personally did not come up with this idea, a dear friend did; and by the power vested in the lack of a better word for the moment, holy hell is this the best wrap you could possibly ever have in your life. This easy to make sandwich is less time consuming to make than a bowl of plain spaghetti and is absolutely, incredibly delicious. Just one bite in and you will find your taste buds needing a couple of seconds to just adjust to the heavy amount of ambrosia it has just experienced. This wrap is no joke, eaters beware. You might find yourself eating this heaven-sent sandwich religiously. The ingredients are as follows:

– Flat out wraps ( none of this whole-wheat nonsense, stick to the original)

– Turkey (of course)

– Arugula

– Goat cheese

– Avocado

– Beetroot

– Mayonnaise (not necessary but adds a bit of flavor for those who prefer the condiment)

– And…the Coup de grace… Sun-dried Cranberries 

Tips: Use whatever rations of ingredients to your liking, though I advise not to overpower the sandwich with the cranberries as it tastes just that much sweeter when it’s more of a subtle lingering flavour.

You, after the sandwich



One comment

  1. Love it! For everyone out there, I urge you to try this wrap – it is the best thing that will go in your tummy!
    Satisfaction guaranteed


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