10 Reasons Why Texting Is Awful For Society And Ruining It Too

Thought Catalog

On December 3, 1992 – when the first “Merry Christmas” SMS text message was sent from the computer of 22-year-old engineer Neil Papworth to the cell phone of Vodafone user Richard Jarvis – society created a new communication need: The Text. And after that fateful day in 1992, gone were the days of instant, real-time interaction, as they had been replaced by this mode of communication that will be fundamentally flawed for as long as it prevails. Here’s why.

1. Men and women communicate differently

According to various psychological studies and my Interpersonal Communications class at Boston College, men and women value communication differently. They see communication as having different significances, and oftentimes, those significances are not aligned. Men see communication as a way to exchange information. Once information is exchanged, men feel as if they have nothing more to talk about. The scope of conversation for women, on the…

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